Load Cell Production

Load Cell which are the heart of the industrial weighing,measuring and weight control sector, are produced in Turkey by the KOBASTAR brand.

Quality load cells at global scale for all weighing applications,as well as special production custom made load cell.

Kobastar is the largest load cells manufacturer in Turkey,Kobastar has the ability to produce any kind of special load cells and we have a rich engineering experience to guide you through the manufacturing process.

Why should you choose Kobastar ?

Kobastar uses high quality special alloy steels and aluminum materials to make your weighing applications reliable, robust and accurate.

During the production phase, tests are carried out in -10 ° C to + 40 ° C climate control cabins and work calibrated in all climatic conditions from Siberia to Ecuador.

Each load cell deadweight testing machine is tested in full capacity and with a capacity of 150% more than the capacity, so that the output values of each product are equal and no corner adjustment is required.


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