Dynamometers are some kind of load cells used in the force and strain measurements in the direction of tensile.

There are models with built-in display (FM) or wireless communication modules (DMA) that can be connected to external displays wirelessly.

In addition, pin type load cells omega-type screw locks (eyebolts) are produced by mounting the eyebolt load pin, which we call the Load Shackles in the pull direction are also available.

SPW Load Shackle

3 ~ 1000 ton

Kobastar is one of the leading manufacturers of 3 different models in the world with 100% Turkish guarantee.

Compared to other crane scales, Tension dynamometers are lighter, easier to carry and can reach higher capacities.

All the Tension dynamometers and Load Shackles that we have produced have CE certificates which certifies the conformity with 2006/42 / EC standards.


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