About Us

Kobastar, About Kobastar, KOBASTAR Load Cell & Indicator


Kobastar, About Kobastar, KOBASTAR Load Cell & Indicator

Kobastar was established in 2000 with a professional team  for weighing scale manufacturing.

Kobastar is manufacturing  variety of products to answer  the needs of the sector that have increased over time.

Kobastar is  producing  today wide range of 10 Kg to 200 tons weighing systems and moving forward always  with the goal to do better.

We are as Kobastar team, giving our best to produce top quality OIML, CE and 2009/23 EC certified weighing systems for you because your trust and time is sacred to us.

In producing process of all our products, all test and quality checks made by our professional team  to ensure best qualty for your work.

As much as producing weighing systems, KOBASTAR gives its best to R&D studies to do better productions.

KOBASTAR is producing load cells all by itself to improve both brand name and national industry.

As KOBASTAR Team, we are thank you to our customers who trusted us,

KOBASTAR will always follow its guiding principle ” BEST QUALTY, BEST SUPPORT”  to carry you and us to the future.

Our Vision

Our vision keeps us focused on what we strive for  to be the global leader in load cell and weighing technologies and services; providing and protecting what is vital: correct solution, reliable weighing, best quality and best support.


Kobastar whose priority is to create value for their customers, fulfill their expectations with quality and stability, has been providing full support to its customers in after-sale services.


Brief History of Our Company


March, 2000

Kobastar was established as a second generation in order to manufacture of mechanical scales with the experience of the years in the sector.

February, 2004

Electronic weighing scale production was started as a result of increasing demand in the market.

March, 2009

Started production of load cells used in feed mixers

May, 2010

Started production of load cells used in weighing instruments

March, 2010

Started production of weighing indicators used in feed mixers and weighing instruments



Started to work under the certificate of quality TS EN ISO  9001:2008


New Factory

Moved to new factory with 2000 square meters of closed area



To meet the increased demand, the machine park has expanded with 2 cnc vertical machining machines



The TS model load cell is eligible to obtain an OIML R60 C4 certificate by passing all the tests successfully at the NMI Holland laboratory.



CE certifications have been taken according to machine safety directive for all load cell models.

Related to CE directives:2006/42/EC (Machinery) , 2014/30/EU (Electromagnetic Compatibility)



Kobastar, who also cares about human and environmental health, has documented this with RoHS certificate.


EAC Certificate

EAC (Eurasian Conformity mark) certification was received.