Truck Scales

TS1 Truck Scale

10 ~ 100 ton, 3x6 ~ 3x22 Meters

TS2 Truck Scale

40 ~ 100 ton, 3x6 ~ 3x22 Meters

TS3 Truck Scale

40 ~ 100 ton, 3x6 ~ 3x22 Meters

TS5 Truck Scale

60 ~ 80 ton, 3x8 ~ 3x20 Meters

TS8 Truck Scale

60 ~ 80 ton, 3x8 ~ 3x20 Meters

TS5 Pit Truck Scale

60 ~ 80 ton, 3x8 ~ 3x20 Meters

TSM Truck Scale

15 ~ 30 ton, 2.4x5 ~ 2.4x7 Meters

Which Truck Scale model should I choose?

Kobastar Truck Scales are produced in 2 different models.

The TS1 series is preferred for use in heavy duty applications such as Mining, with IPE beams columns, for ground use.

TS3 series is preferred in factory entrance and exit.

IPE beams columns, hollow type, narrow areas and there is no space wastage because it is in the same level with the ground.

Why Should I Choose a Kobastar Weighbridge?

Quality, Stability, Sensitivity, Reliability, Production at European standards.

The electronic equipments we use in the weighbridges are produced completely in the Kobastar Turkiye.

Call right now for the right solution in weighbridges , and our experienced sales engineers will suggest what works best for you.

How many meters should Truck Scales be?

Considering the truck dimensions in Turkey, the scale dimensions vary between 14 meters and 18 meters, but the most produced is the 16 meter Truck Scale.

How many meters should the Truck Scale be? It is produced between 8 meters and 12 meters. For 12-wheeled trucks called Centipede, the truck scale size must be at least 10 meters.

How many tons should truck scales weigh?

According to highway regulations, the carrying capacity is 44 tons, but as Kobastar, we produce standard 60 ton scales in terms of resistance to excessive loads.

Of course, 60 ton scales are not sufficient for weighing trucks and trailers that are not on traffic, such as mining, so 80 ton scales or 100 ton scales are produced in mines.

For Detailed Information About Our Truck Scales

What is a Weighbridge?

Weighbridge is a special weighing instrument used to weigh trucks carrying heavy loads. These scales are usually placed on a platform and trucks are driven to this platform with their loads. Underneath the platform is a series of sensors that measure the weight of the truck, and data from these sensors is sent to a control unit to calculate the total weight of the truck.

Weighbridge are generally used in the industrial, transportation and logistics sectors. These weighing instruments ensure accurate measurement of the loads carried by trucks and also monitor compliance with weight limits. This increases safety by preventing overload and helps avoid legal issues.

Scales can be fixed or portable. While stationary weighbridges are generally found in areas frequently used by high-tonnage vehicles, portable truck scales are more suitable for mobile vehicles or people engaged in cargo transportation. These portable weighbridges are made of lightweight and durable materials and are available in many different sizes and capacities.

Weighbridges are highly accurate and typically have an accuracy of between 0.1% and 0.5%. Therefore, they are ideal for industrial and commercial use. Additionally, there are many truck scale models with a variety of features and may include different capacities, displays, and connectivity options.

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