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Truck Scales

Truck Scales

Truck Scales are produced in different capacities from 10 tons to 150 tons from 3×8 meters to 3.5x 24 meters in TS-EN45501 standards.

All of our scale types are produced by being equipped with electronic systems in accordance with 2014/31 / EU directives.

We are producing robust and precision Truck Scale  years of experience for Mining, Agriculture, Building, Food, Chemical.

Find the right solution for your weighbridge truck scale application.

5 Years Manufacturer warranty.

TS1 Truck Scale

10 ~ 100 ton, 3x6 ~ 3x22 Meters

TS2 Truck Scale

40 ~ 100 ton, 3x6 ~ 3x22 Meters

TS3 Truck Scale

40 ~ 100 ton, 3x6 ~ 3x22 Meters

TS5 Truck Scale

60 ~ 80 ton, 3x8 ~ 3x20 Meters

Which Truck Scale model should I choose?

Kobastar Truck Scales are produced in 2 different models.

The TS1 series is preferred for use in heavy duty applications such as Mining, with IPE beams columns, for ground use.

TS3 series is preferred in factory entrance and exit.

IPE beams columns, hollow type, narrow areas and there is no space wastage because it is in the same level with the ground.

Why Should I Choose a Kobastar Truck Scale?

Quality, Stability, Sensitivity, Reliability, Production at European standards.

The electronic equipments we use in the weighbridges are produced completely in the Kobastar Turkiye.

Call right now for the right solution in weighbridges , and our experienced sales engineers will suggest what works best for you.

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