TS5 Truck Scale


60 ~ 80 ton, 3×8 ~ 3×20 Meters

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  • The weighing terminal that we use in TS5 Weighbridges has OIML R76 and 2014/31 / EU (NAWI) certificates. It allows more precise weighing due to its two-step weighing function.
  • The 26mm high LCD display is easy to read with the backlight. It has a cycle accuracy of 1/30000 with a 24-bit sigma delta ADC. It is a robust and reliable weighing terminal that ensures stable weighing with anti-vibration filtering software.
  • The Carcassa series TS5 weighbridge has a high strength weighing platform reinforced with C50 grade concrete and steel. It is the style of the system of bridges and viaducts that has been converted into a weighbridge. There is a minimum infrastructure requirement as it comes with ramps. It can be easily moved to another area at any time. Because it is mounted on the ground and its mechanical installation does not take more than an hour.
  • The Kobastar scale program is a vehicle scale software that allows easy management of weighing processes. With its powerful
    database, it has functions for sending and reporting data in XML, Excel, PDF, HTML, TXT formats. The receipt, which can be designed in the desired format, can be printed up to 3 copies from dot-matrix printers. It offers remote traceability thanks to the optional web database. Lighting management and license plate reading systems can be easily integrated.

  • The load cells used in the TS5 model are OIML R60 C4 certified with a capacity of 30 tons. With its stainless steel body and IP68 protection, it is extremely resistant to adverse environmental conditions and corrosion. It offers side load protection with standard mounting kits and prevents false weighing. As an option, OIML R60 C5 certified digital load cells model KOBASTAR TSD are also used.
TS-5-3863X8660-80 t10/20kg – 20-50kg.
TS-5 -31283X12860-80 t10/20kg – 20-50kg.
TS-5 -316103X161060-80 t10/20kg – 20-50kg.
TS-5 -320123X201260-80 t10/20kg – 20-50kg.