TS3 Truck Scale


40 ~ 100 ton, 3×6 ~ 3×22 Meters

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  • TS3 Simplon pit type Truck Scale is with full steel platform, it is a scale model that can increase the maneuverability of the vehicles, which does not take up space on the ground, in the narrow spaces mounted under the ground, especially in factory entrances, and that can operate without problems for many years.

  • IPE type steel is used on the platform, the top covering sheet is at least 10 mm thick.

  • TS3 Pit Truck Scale is suitable for heavy duty conditions such as mining, agriculture,livestock,construction and steel industry.

  • The i5 weighing indicator that we use in Ts3 Simplon dimple type truck scale is a robust and reliable weighing indicator with high precision 24 bit sigma delta ADC, with antivibration filtering software and stable weighing features.
  • Legally more accurate weighing with two-stage weighing feature.
  • 1/30000 ADC cycle sensitivity, 26 mm high backlit LCD display.
  • Using Kobastar Windows based scale program is very simple and easy.
  • It is simple to use for anyone who knows how to use a computer, but with its powerful database, it has data sending and reporting functions in xml, excel, pdf, html, txt formats.
  • It provides remote traceability with the optional web-based database.
  • Light management and license plate reading systems can be easily integrated.
  • Print type 30 ton capacity OIML R60 C4 certified.
  • With its stainless steel body and IP68 protection, it is extremely resistant to adverse environmental conditions and corrosion.
  • It provides protection from lateral loads with standard mounting kits and prevents false weighing.
  • Optionally, KOBASTAR TSD model digital load cells are also used.
TS-3-3843X8440-50-60 t10/20kg.
TS-3 -31063X10640-50-60 t10/20kg.
TS-3 -31263X12640-50-60 t10/20kg.
TS-3 -31463X14660-80 t20kg-50kg.
TS-3 -31683X16860-80-100 t20kg-50kg.
TS-3 -31883X18860-80-100 t20kg-50kg.
TS-3 -32083X201060-80-100 t20kg-50kg.
TS-3 -32283X221060-80-100 t20kg-50kg.