What is Measured with a Dynamometer?

What is Measured with a Dynamometer? Dynamometer, also known as force meter, is an instrument used to measure the forces of objects.
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Dynamometer, also known as force meter, is an instrument used to measure the forces of objects. It is possible to clarify the question of “What is measured with a dynamometer?” in this way. Dynamometers that measure tensile and strain forces are used to measure product performance, safety and quality. Dynamometers, compared to similar products in use, stand out with:
  • Being light,
  • Practical use,
  • High usage capacity,
  • Its comfortable portability features.
We offer dynamometers, which have a wide usage area, to our customers with different features by our company. Kobastar serves as Turkey’s first and only manufacturer and 100% of Turkish goods produced in 3 different dynamometer model. All our dynamometer models with CE certificates documenting their compliance with 2006/42 / EC standards are offered to users with the assurance of our company.

Dynamometer Usage Areas

Different dynamometer models create a wide range of usage possibilities with their capacity ranges. At this point, every dynamometer model appears in various fields with its features and advantages. Main dynamometer usage areas:
  • Load Tests
  • Force Tests
  • Tension and Compression Tests
  • Push and Pull Tests
  • Maritime industry
  • Shipping / Transport Sector
  • Construction Sector
  • Defense industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry.

Dynamometer Types

Our company, which has superior competence as the pioneer of the sector, offers you numerous dynamometer models that are widely used. In this way, we offer 3 different types of dynamometers which are:
  • FM dynamometers with built-in display,
  • DMA dynamometers that can be connected to the external display wirelessly,
  • SPW Shaped Load Pin type that is used to mount.
The load capacity of each dynamometer, the material from which it is produced and the area of use differ. Thus, it will be easy for you to choose the right dynamometer for your needs. Kobastar, the address of innovation, production and satisfaction, offers you dynamometers produced with the latest technology in accordance with European standards. Our company, which always responds to the needs of our customers with the service network we have established, produces high quality 100% Turkish goods with its researchers and expert teams. Kobastar, the brand which is the address of confidence and quality, has made a name for itself in Turkey as well as in the whole world with its good quality products offers.
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