What Are The Types Of Load Cell?

You can easily find alternatives suitable for different business models in the load cell types produced with the assurance of Kobastar.
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Load cells are preferred so that the weight of the products can be weighed accurately. It is very important that the load cell is of good quality and suitable for the job to be done. Thus, measurements can be made without any problems. As the types of load cells are different, the price of each load cell also varies according to the features.

What Are The Types Of Load Cell?

You can easily find alternatives that are suitable for different business models and that will make things easier to do in load cells produced with the assurance of Kobastar. Load cell types that can be used seamlessly across Turkey, as follows;

  • Mounting Kits
  • Platform Type Load Cell
  • Pressure Type Load Cells
  • Double Flat Type
  • Lama Type Load Cell
  • Pin Type Load Cells
  • S Type Loadcell
  • Bellows Type Load Cell
  • Overload Control Load Cells
  • Feed Machinery Load Cell
  • Tension Control

Load Cell Usage Areas

The load cell can be used for almost all lines of business such as manufacturing plants, industry, food and chemical. However, there are some points to be aware of, although there is no limitation in use. In sectors such as food, models made of stainless steel materials are recommended. Load cells with IP67 and IP68 protection should be preferred in areas where there is water and moisture. Such details should be considered during the purchasing phase. Thus, the best efficiency can be obtained from the purchased load cell. Thanks to its durability and adaptability to the environment, there are no requirements such as malfunctions or purchasing a new load cell. In this way, it can be earned as an economic solution in the long term.

Yük hücresi (loadcell)

Load cell

Kobastar Assurance in Load Cell

Purpose of weight measurement in production and supply section, which is made load cells are manufactured by different brands and companies in Turkey. However, Kobastar, which manages to provide confidence in the sector and can meet the different needs of businesses with its product variety, manages to offer the most suitable product for you with its rich and high quality products. You can find a problem-free and fast solution with Kobastar, where you can get the best service for a load cell with the research you will do.

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