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You can find all kinds of Loadcell models from 1 Kg to 500 Tons in Kobastar.

If you can’t find the right product for your weighing application, you can call us.

Kobastar is capable of producing all kinds of special loadcells.

We have rich engineering experience to guide you through the manufacturing process.

Quality loadcells at global scale for all weighing applications, as well as special production custom made loadcell.

Why should you choose Kobastar ?

Kobastar uses high quality special alloy steels and aluminum materials to ensure that your weighing applications are reliable, robust and accurate.

We use stainless steel materials for industrial hygienic environments such as Food, Chemistry etc.

You can use IP67 and IP68 protection class load cells for washable or humid environments.

Alloy steel models are hardened by heat treatment and cleaned by sandblasting method.

All surfaces are coated with Nickel homogeneously and become more resistant to corrosion.

Aluminum Loadcell models are made of hard anodized coating for corrosion resistance.

All Loadcells are tested according to the test procedures specified in the OIML R60 recommendations.


Standard PVC flame retardant outer sheath, Aluminum and tinned copper braided shielded cable are used in our products to protect against external noise and signals.

Optionally, armored or exproof silicon cables can be preferred.

Armored cables are more resistant to external influences and provide protection from rodents such as mice.

Silicone cables provide excellent heat shield in high temperature working environments, can be used up to 180°C continuous temperature and,

Short term up to 220°C. Silicone cables are used in both high and low temperatures up to -60°C thanks to their excellent climate resistance.


During the production phase, tests are carried out in -10°C to 40°C climate control cabins and work calibrated in all climatic conditions from Siberia to Ecuador.

Each loadcell is tested on dead weight or hydraulic force testing machines.

KOBASTAR LOADCELL manufactures and sells all its products in its factory located in Konya with the assurance of 100% Turkish.

We can do OEM production if there are certain quantities on order basis.

KOBASTAR is the global brand of Loadcell and Weighing Sector.