BSC-65 Bagging Controller

6 Inputs /8 Outputs

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BSC-65 is a weighing controller designed for use in automatic bagging machines.

6 Normally Open Switch Inputs [DI]. 8 Normally Open Transistor Outputs

Special anti-vibration digital filtering algorithm for ensuring the weighing stability and occuracy when there is strong vibration on the load receptor, and the rapid response capability when the weight signal changes.

Auto-locking, Key-locking, Key-unlocking, Digital Setting&Calibration and I/O Testing functions available.

Bulk/Medium/Dribble Feed DOs for feeding control. Optional Continuous and Jogging Dribble Feed Methods.

Batch Target Control function With Batch Count Target or Batch Weight Target finished, the packing process will stop automatically.

2 Communication ports [RS232&RS485] for connecting Host IPC/PLC and LED Remote Display

32-bit ARM CPU with 48MHz clock & high arithmetic speed.

6+8 Red LED digital tubes character and digit display.

DC24V power input with reverse polarity protection.

24-bit High-precision and high-speed ∑-△A/D conversion module with 1/1,000,000 internal resolution, sampling frequency 400Hz.

Load Calibration and Data Calibration available.


Power Supply: DC24V±20%, Max. 5W
Loadcell Excitation Voltage/Current: DC9V/120mA.
4 Loadcells[350Ω] connectable.
Weighing Signal Input Range: 0~22.5mV
6 Normally Open Switch Inputs [DI].
8 Normally Open Transistor Outputs [DO]: DC24V, 250mA.
1 Analog Signal Output [AO]: 4~20mA, 0.05%FS.(Opsiyon)
Accuracy Grade: III.
Verification Accuracy: 0.03%.
COM1: RS232.
COM2: RS485.
Connect Host IPC[Modbus] & Remote Display.
Outline Size [W×H×D]: 110 × 62 × 150 mm.
Panel Cut-out Size [W×H]: 94 × 47 mm.
Operating Temperature: -25℃~+45℃.
Protection Level of Front Panel: IP65.
Static Weighing Accuracy: 0.2%~0.5%.
Packing Accuracy: 0.2%~0.5%.
Front panel protection IP65.
Weight 0.3kg.