Crane Scale and Dynamometer

What are the features of crane scales and dynamometers used in weight and pressure measurements? What details should be taken into consideration during the purchasing phase?
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vinç kantarı dinamometre

Crane scales and dynamometers are preferred for measuring weight and pressure. Thanks to the advantages it provides, it is among the indispensable parts of the industry and is also used in small-scale enterprises.

Crane Scale

What is Crane Scale?

Crane scales are used to measure loads that cannot be measured by manpower. Crane scales with different types have a wide range of uses. All businesses, especially industry, animal husbandry and agriculture, where weight should be determined use crane scales. Crane scales, which are different in use compared to scales or other weight measuring products, measure the products attached to the hook at their ends. Thus, while the product is suspended completely independent of the ground, it also allows it to be rotated 360 degrees. It is among the most preferred products at the point of weight measurement in enterprises due to its light, small scale portable structures. Moreover, since the prices of crane scales are affordable, they are preferred by businesses. The measured value is indicated by the weight unit KG.




What is a Dynamometer?

Dynamometers measure the force of their bodies. The product, which is also defined as a force meter, performs the measurement with a simple spring tension. The measured value is shown in Newton units N. The higher the spring tension, the higher the force will be. The dynamometer, which consists of two parts, has a simple structure with its spring inside and the indicator that enables measurement to be made. There are also larger scale and stronger dynamometers according to the requirements of the area where the measurement will be made.

Crane Scale and Dynamometer Usage Areas

Crane scale and dynamometer are machines used as value determination, as well as one measuring the weight and the other measuring the pressure. These types of products are produced with high precision and are used in outdoor areas and demanding production lines. For this reason, durability, accurate and precise measurement are taken into consideration in their production. Different product types are developed and produced by different brands in Kobastar Crane Scale and dynamometer models. At the purchasing stage; attention is paid to quality, durability, minimum and maximum measurement values, practicality of use. Certified, reliable models should be preferred. Thus, product support can be obtained in the measurement processes in the enterprises. You can choose CE Certified Kobastar products.

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