60 Ton Weighbridge

Used in areas such as mining, heavy industry and animal husbandry, the 60 ton weighbridge makes quick and qualified weight measurements.
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In order to be able to measure quickly in difficult working environments such as mines and construction sites, it is necessary to have an easy-to-use, qualified truck scale. The 60 ton scale, which can be used in many different environments, is ideal for measuring such high weights. You can buy these scales, which have large carrying and measuring capacities, with Kobastar quality, and you can perform weight measurements quickly and in a qualified manner.

What is 60 Ton Weighbridge?

60-ton scales, also known as above-ground truck scales, are defined by their load carrying capacity. These models, which can be mounted on trucks or lorries, have a measuring capacity of 60 tons. Scales, which are generally manufactured with 6 or 8 loadcells, operate on the principle of electronic weighing. These scales, which quickly turn the pressure exerted by the objects on the platform into a result, are used in many different fields from animal husbandry to mining.
60 Ton Weighbridge

60 Ton Weighbridge

What are the Features of 60 Ton Weighbridge?

There is a steel platform on 60-ton scales. These truck scale types have a carrying capacity of 50% more than their nominal capacity. Thanks to the platform made of stainless steel, scales can be used safely without causing any damage to the products weighed. This issue is especially important in areas such as mining and animal husbandry. All truck scales produced by Kobastar have antibacterial platforms. 60 ton scales are designed as an industrial weighing system. The weighing measurements are transferred to a computer system and this system can keep up to 15,000 weighings in its memory. In this way, it is possible to quickly perform operations based on previous weighings. In addition to all these, 60-ton truck scales produced by Kobastar can operate in different climates. These scales can weigh at temperatures from -10 to +40 degrees without any problem.

Why Kobastar?

The scales produced by Kobastar are made of quality materials and equipped with high technology. You can safely use truck scales that provide qualified results by making quick measurements in all areas. Kobastar scales are used in many different branches from animal husbandry to industrial production, from mining to logistics. You can safely choose Kobastar to obtain fast and safe results by taking advantage of weight measurements in production, supply and other stages. Kobastar takes care of customer satisfaction and health at all stages from production to after-sales support.
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