What is Truck Scale

You can safely use Kobastar truck scale models to measure weight quickly and accurately in areas such as logistics, mining and construction.
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Weight measurements may need to be made quickly in some cases. In such cases, it is necessary to use truck scale types that can be easily transported, installed and give fast results. The truck scale, which is available in 60 and 80 ton versions, ensures that weight measurements are made quickly within the correct. With Kobastar truck scales, you can make all measurements in a fast action manner.

Truck Scale

Truck Scale

How Does the Truck Scale Work?

The truck scale, which we also know as an 80 or 60 ton scale, is basically a loadcell model. These models measure the pressure applied by the objects on the surface and convert it into a weight value in kg. Like other high cells, truck scales operate according to a so-called wheatstone bridge scheme. The results obtained from the circuits in different parts of the platform are compared in a short time to find the weight value of the objects. In this way, measurement can be made in a short time. Truck scales are designed as a platform on which heavy trucks can climb. When trucks climb on the scales, the load of these trucks is measured. After the truck’s own weight are determined, it is filled and the weight of the loaded load is determined in this way. Measuring the full weight of trucks is important, especially in the field of logistics, to ensure truck safety.
Truck Scale

Truck Scale

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Truck Scale?

Calibration is the first and most important issue to be considered when choosing a truck scale. Even the slightest overlooked deviation in weight measurements can have serious consequences. In order to avoid such situations, it should be ensured that the scales measure with correct values. Scales should not be used before performing the calibration process, measurements given in kg should be confirmed with other values. It is also an important issue that the scale is made of a solid material. It will be beneficial to choose truck scales made of stainless steel in this respect. The loadcell must be able to be used in different temperatures, climatic conditions, for a long time without any problems.

Why Kobastar?

Kobastar, the leading brand in weight measuring devices, ensures that your measurements are carried out quickly and accurately with its truck scale models made of stainless steel. All products manufactured by Kobastar are offered for sale after calibration processes are completed.

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