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Weight measuring systems called load cells generally consist of a platform and an indicator. While some weight indicators are physically integrated into the system, some are designed as a different device. In order to make accurate weight measurements, it is necessary to choose the correct indicator system. With the products manufactured by Kobastar, you can quickly learn about weight measurements and compare them by creating data and reports.

 indicator, What is Indicator, KOBASTAR Load Cell & IndicatorIndicators as a Concept

It is a word of French origin. This word can be translated into Turkish as ‘’gösterge’’. As a concept, it is used in many different sciences and disciplines. At the same time, indicators used in electronic systems are also named as such. It is possible to answer the question of what is an indicator in weight measurements as a device that displays the weight data from the loadcell.

 What is Weight Indicator?

 In load cells, the weight of objects on the surface is measured according to the scheme known as wheatstone bridge. However, in order for weight to be understood, it must be shown in terms of kg or another unit of weight. The indicator, which works in integration with the platform, is exactly that. Weight measurements are displayed by transmitting to the digital screen. The data obtained are displayed by converting them into values ​​on the basis of the unit used.

 How Does the Indicator Work?

There is usually a wireless connection protocol between the platform and the indicator. This protocol can be provided via wireless internet, infrared, bluetooth or radio waves. Weight measurements are transmitted to the indicator via protocol. The indicator shows the weight measurements on the interface using a certain operating system. The results of the measurements can be learned by adjusting the weight units.

indicator, What is Indicator, KOBASTAR Load Cell & Indicator

Indicators are used not only for measurement but also for data collection and reporting. There is the feature of recording the weight measurements made in the indicators types produced by Kobastar. In addition, these devices also have the option to report weight measurements. By using digital displays produced by Kobastar, you can save time and expense in weight measurement processes.


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