What is a Portable Axle Scale, What Does It Do?

Portable axle scale has been developed for portable use of the scales. Thanks to this mobile solution it provides, it closes a big gap. As the name suggests, the main purpose of these scales is portability. In this way, weighbridge needs in different areas can be met quickly.

What Are The Types Of Portable Axle Scale?

It is divided into 2 types as a variety. Why this. differentiation is made according to the indicators. Scales are managed with wired and wireless indicators. It is possible to choose between 2 models according to the features in the field of activity. Wireless options are undoubtedly much more practical and allow measurement in a wider area. Separate measurements can be made on scales that generally provide measurement support from 2 tons to 20 tons. Since the weights for each axle can be measured separately, support can be obtained from the scales for such requirements. Whichever model is preferred due to its portable structure; Quality, durability and high accuracy are prioritized. Being portable also responds to the needs of different areas by offering a fast solution.

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Portable Axle Scale

Portable Axle Scale Prices

Axle scales appeal to those who want a mobile solution. For this reason, it has higher label prices than standard scales. Moreover, since it is developed in 2 different models, each model has different label prices according to its own characteristics. You can choose Kobastar for the best price guarantee. You can find out the most up-to-date prices as a result of your examinations on the models.

Choose Kobastar Quality!

Kobastar makes a difference in the sector with its axle scale models with the capacity and durability to work in harsh environments. These scales, which are 100% domestic production, allow measurements regardless of the vehicle type. The scale, which can be used in very different and high tonnage vehicles such as trucks, trucks, tractors and planes, completes weight weighings with high precision. Models developed by Kobastar are 500x700x38 mm in size. Thus, as it is the most ideal product in portability, it brings durability to the fore with its ramps made of rubber. By examining the latest models and products, you can easily obtain a model suitable for your needs with the trust of Kobastar.

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