Weighing Accesories, Weighing Accesories, KOBASTAR Load Cell & Indicator

Weighing Accesories

Weighing Accesories

Kobastar offers various weighing accessories for all kinds of scales.


External Display;

External displays Our product range consists of 7-segment external displays from 25 mm to 127 mm as well as larger Dot matrix LED displays.

Loadcell Junction Boxes;

4-6-8 and 10 pcs loadcell can be connected to IP65 plastic and available in stainless steel boxes as well as exproof Atex certified.

Loadcell Cables;

Kobastar loadcell cables are produced specially for Kobastar for loadcells and are available in our stocks with dimensions of 4 × 0,14-4 × 0,22-4 × 0,35-4 × 0,50-6 × 0,22.

Cables are supplied with polyurethane black sheath as standard

There are also steel braided armored loadcell cables on the outer sheath

You can get a price quote from exproof load cell cables manufactured from silicone for hazardous environments.


You can print the receipt of the weighed products for electronic weighing systems.
If you want label printing models with barcodes, Lot no, Date / Time, Expiry date and many other information on the label printer, where you can print many information.

Wireless Modules;

With the wireless indicator modules, we can make your weighers currently in use wireless.
In addition, external displays and wireless modules that can be used in printers can help you avoid cable clutter.
You can communicate up to 300 meters.

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