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We Participated in Konya Elevex Elevator Fair

As Kobastar Elektronik, we participated in the 2024 Konya Elevex Elevator Fair with great pride. At this important event, we had the opportunity to introduce our latest innovation, ELV Load Cell Sensors.

ELV Load Cell Sensors: A New Era in Elevator Technology

Our new product, ELV Load Cell Sensors, which attracted great attention at the fair, was designed to increase safety and efficiency in elevators. These sensors precisely measure the load carried by the elevator cabin, detect possible overload situations in advance and give the necessary warnings. It especially attracts attention with the following features:

  • Precise Measurement Capacity: Our high-precision sensors can measure the load carried by the cabin even at the milligram level.
  • Easy Integration: Our ELV sensors are designed to be easily integrated into existing elevator systems. In this way, it can work in harmony with new and old systems.
  • Durability and Reliability: Made from high quality materials, our sensors offer long-lasting use and reliable performance.

Our Fair Experiences

Turkey Konya Elevex Elevator Fair was a great platform that offered the opportunity to closely follow the latest trends and innovations in the sector. At our stand, we had the opportunity to meet with our visitors one-on-one, share the details of our product and get their feedback. In addition, we met with other leading companies and professionals of the sector and had fruitful discussions about cooperation opportunities.

Steps Towards the Future

The interest in ELV Load Measurement Sensors (load cells) and the positive feedback we received motivated us to take bigger steps in the future. As Kobastar Elektronik, we will continue our efforts to develop innovative solutions and increase safety and efficiency in elevator technology without slowing down.

We would like to thank all our guests who visited us at Konya Elevex Elevator Fair.

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