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Today, various tools are used to determine measures and standards in industry and commerce. Especially in trade, truck scales are used to measure the goods bought or sold on the basis of kilograms. The most common sector in which these measurements are made is the logistics sector. In the logistics sector, trucks are used for domestic or international services. Trailers carry very high loads. Truck scales are used to measure these transported loads and to prevent load violations. We offer unlimited service opportunities for every city in Turkey, especially in Konya. You can get more detailed information about scale types by contacting us via our website.

Types of Truck Scales

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Truck Scale

Standard sizes in truck scales are 3×14, 3×16 and 3×18 meters, etc. are dimensions. In addition to these dimensions, types of truck scales are produced in any desired size and dimension. Truck scales serve according to the purpose of use with above ground or pit type according to their types. Before performing the assembly process of the above-ground truck scale, the scale is placed on the floor. Compared to other scale types, above-ground scales are more preferred. The reason for this is that above-floor scales are more aesthetic and easier to maintain.

Pit type truck scales are prepared under the ground. Pit type truck scale has an advantage over the above ground truck scale. Since this type of truck scale is prepared under the ground, it does not take up space in the work area. For this reason, pit type truck scales are preferred by companies that need more space in the business area.

Truck Scale Services

As Kobastar, it is possible to get a safe and professional service with our truck scale service. Our company, which serves with years of experience, carries out its works by adopting customer satisfaction as a principle. At this point, the projects of the truck scales we sell are presented to our customers in detail. We take care to choose the most suitable scale by providing detailed information on truck scale models. We also satisfy our customers with our budget-friendly prices. You can choose Kobastar for a safe journey and trade, especially in truck scales used in long-distance logistics transportation. Truck scales In order to benefit from the service network we provide for Konya and every region of Turkey, it is sufficient to reach us from our contact information.

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