300-600Kg, 50x90cm, 60x100cm

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General Details

KBH Sheep Livestock Scale

Sheep, Animal Scales, sheep, goats etc. sheep made for weighing animals, both sides of the scale are closed There are entrance and exit gates on the other two sides.
Scales platform painted electrostatic furnace, farm complies with the requirements.
Thanks to the wheels on both sides, can be moved.

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Technical info


Screen fixing feature (HOLD)
1 or 4 load cell platform
Electro static oven painted
Overload resistant
Easy-to-read LED or LCD display
Suitable for industrial weighing applications
High precision 24 bit Delta-Sigma Analog / Digital converte
Automatic power saving and automatic shutdown
Zero tracking on opening, manual reset
Working with internal rechargeable battery and 220V AC
Kg / Lb unit change
Manual tare, automatic tare and tare
Checkweighing HI-OK-LO Buzzer
RS 232 communication, receipt and label output, PC connection
Extensive service network, 2 years warranty
Production opportunity in desired dimensions and capacities
Capacity & Size
KBH 1 300 /600 Kg x 0.1/0.2 Kg 50×90 – 60×100 cm
KBH 4 300 /600 Kg x 0.1/0.2 Kg 50×90 – 60×100 cm
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