Floor Scale with Ramp

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The DP&SS platform type floor scale is specially designed for trouble-free operation in intensive industrial conditions. This scale offers an ideal solution for applications requiring high durability. Its high quality and solid steel platform makes it an excellent choice for industrial and commercial uses.

Floor scale with ramp is equipped with OIML R60 certified class C3 load cells and has IP68 protection level. This ensures precise and reliable weighing results. The floor height of the scale is approximately 6 cm and ramps can be added on both sides, allowing the use of pallet truck-like trolleys.

DP&SS platform type floor scale is produced with static paint as standard. Optionally, it can be produced from AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel materials for pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

The DP&SS floor scale with ramp  offers a solution that provides excellent durability, reliability and precision and can be used in different industrial and commercial applications.

DP&SS series scales are manufactured using systems that comply with the 2014/31/EU directive and are tested accordingly.


Multi range weighing
Single chassis platform with 4 load cells
Electrostatic painted or Stainless Steel platform
Over Load Protected
LCD and LED indicator options
Suitable for industrial weighing applications
High-precision 24-bit Delta-Sigma Analogue/Digital converter
Automatic power protection and automatic power off
Zero tracking on power-on, manual reset
Built-in rechargeable battery and 220V AC operation
Kg/Lb/Lt unit change and piece counting
Manual tare entry, automatic tare and taring
Check weighing HI-OK-LO Buzzer
RS 232 communication, plug and label output, PC connection
Widespread service network, 2 year warranty
Possibility of production in desired dimensions and capacities
DP&SS +4LC300/600 kg x 0.1/0.2 Kg100X100,120×120
DP&SS +4LC600/1000 kg x 0.2/0.5 Kg100X100,120×120,120X150
DP&SS +4LC600/1500 kg x 0.2/0.5 Kg120×120,120X150,150X150
DP&SS +4LC1500/3000 kg x 0.5/1 Kg120×120,120X150,150X150
DP&SS +4LC3000/6000 kg x 1/2 Kg120X150,150X150,150X200,200X200
DP&SS +4LC6000/10000 kg x 2/5 Kg150X150,150X200,200X200,200X300