How Does Loadcell Work?

Before purchasing a loadcell, it will be useful to learn how the load cell works and to learn about the working principles of these devices.
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The most commonly used system in weight measurements is the load cell system known as loadcell. Load cells are used in many different areas, from home environment to heavy industry production. As a matter of fact, these measurements are extremely important in many areas. A load cell must be used in order for weight measurements to be carried out quickly within the correct parameters. With the measuring devices manufactured by Kobacell, you can perform measurements quickly and accurately.

What is Loadcell?

Load cell, is a measurement system that measures the pressure applied to the surface. Basically, it has a structure similar to scales known as a spring balance. It converts the pressure exerted by the object on the platform to the electronic resistance value and gives results in kg. Load cell has a wide range of uses. Many measuring devices, from electronic scales used in homes to vehicle scales that can weigh 80 tons, are in this category.

How is the Loadcell Working Principle?

It works with an electronic scheme known as the loadcellwheatstone bridge that measures the pressure applied to the surface. According to this scheme, there are circuits in various places of the platform. The pressure of the object on the platform is converted into resistance value by these circuits. Afterwards, the weight of the object in kg is determined by comparing the resistance values ​​in different places.

There are hundreds of varieties in the load cell category. Some load cells may have different integrations and related features. But the working system is basically the same. Loadcell can measure the weight of objects quickly and accurately thanks to this operating system. However, there are some points to consider before purchasing a load cell.

What Should Be Considered When Buying Loadcell?

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Load Cells

The first thing to consider before purchasing a loadcell is calibration. A slight error or deviation in weight measurements can lead to difficult situations to compensate. Therefore, the calibration process must be done before making a purchase. The parameters of the scale in kg should be confirmed with another unit and it should be ensured that it works correctly.

The material from which the scale is manufactured is also an important issue. Load cell types made of stainless steel can be used for a long time without any wear or tear. You can safely use the load cells produced by Kobastar in all areas of the production and supply stages.

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