Forklift Scale

Forklift scale must be used in order to make quick measurements in warehouses and supply areas. You can make weight measurements in the fastest way with Kobastar forklift scales.
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Forklift kantarı

Weight measurement is one of the important stages in the supply of goods and raw materials. The preparation, storage and logistics operations of the products to be sold are made according to the measurements and in these cases, the action is taken according to the measurement values ​​obtained. On the other hand, measurement processes must be able to be carried out quickly at supply locations and warehouses. With the forklift scale produced by Kobastar, you can make measurements quickly and safely.

forklift scale

forklift scale

How Does a Forklift Scale Work?                    

As the name suggests, forklift scales are used with vehicles known as forklifts. The products transported by forklifts can thus be measured in a short time and rapid results can be obtained. The scale has a very simple operation principle. The only thing that needs to be done in order to make measurements is to assemble the scale on the vehicle, setup and calibrate it. After that, measurement can be made even in motion in all transportation operations.

Forklift scale, which is a type of load cell, works with a scheme called wheatstone bridge like other load cells. The data obtained from the electronic cells in different parts of the platform are compared and the weight of the object applying pressure to the surface is found in this way. Forklift scales produced by Kobastar can make accurate measurements in motion.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing A Forklift Scale?

Balance is very important in measurements made in motion. In this respect, the forklift scale must be able to make the measurements in a stable state in motion. As a matter of fact, when the vehicle is moving, it is possible that the pallet part has a slope and if precautions are not taken against this situation, wrong results may occur. Therefore, it will be beneficial to choose a scale that can give correct results by calculating the deviations caused by movement and slope. It is also important in this respect that the weighing cart can apply a solid weight to the surface and its low deflection rate.

Another issue is that the vehicle can make accurate measurements in uneven places. In areas such as warehouses, there may be sloping and bumpy places on the floors. In addition, vehicles may need to transport products from slopes. The forklift scale chosen must be able to carry in such places.

 Why Kobastar?

Kobastar produces forklift scale types that can easily measure while moving and moving on different surfaces. All products produced by the company are made of high quality materials and are offered for sale after calibration.

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