Compression Type Load Cell

Load cells are sensitive devices used to measure weight or force in different areas. (Printing type) Weighing is done with types such as compression type load cell.
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Load cells are precision devices used to measure weight or force in different areas. With these devices, compression, tensile, bending or shear forces can be measured. Loadcell has a very sensitive structure. Thanks to this feature, it also allows working with high accuracy rates in enterprises.

What is the Working Principle of Load Cells?

The load cell actually acts as a converter. In conversion, the force is converted into an electrical signal. Usually the measurements are completed with the interpretation of these signals by the amplifications. In these products, which have a very simple working principle, it is important that the product used is high quality and durable in order to give correct results. Loadcell is produced in various types in order to be used in different areas. Having different types of products also allows different measurements to be made.

What Are Compression Load Cells Used For?

The main point in this type of load cell is compression. It is not possible to make a different measurement in compression load cells designed to measure the thrust or compression force. Therefore, usage is limited to certain areas. Compression load cells are used in different processes such as silo and container weighing. The compression type load cell can detect the thrust force and perform the desired measurements.

Compression Load Cell

Compression Load Cell

Tension and Compression Load Cell

In addition to the compression load cell, there are tension and compression load cells as a common category. These types of products are used to measure both compression force and tensile loads. Load cells can be of different sizes and scales. With these features, it is used even in very narrow and small areas. Thus, it ensures that suitable solutions are provided for businesses by not being affected by the obstacles in use.

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