80 Tons Scale Installation

You can get information from Kobastar for the installation and integration of 80 tons scale types such as truck and truck scales.
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One of the most important stages of production, supply, storage and distribution processes is weight measurement. A truck scale, also known as an 80 tons scale, can be used to measure weight at high limits. The scales, which are used to measure objects with high weights quickly, can be easily transported and installed everywhere. You can easily measure in many different areas with the scales manufactured by Kobastar.

 What is 80 Tons Scale?

 The 80 tons scale, which is a type of load cell, is also known as a truck scale. The main feature of these scales is that they measure the weight of the vehicles. Used in construction sites, mine sites, storage and logistics areas, these scales allow weights up to 80 tons to be easily measured. They are very easy to install and assemble, and they can record results in a short time.

80 tons scale

80 tons scale

How Does Truck Scale Work?

These models are designed to measure the weight of the vehicle on them. The scales consist of a steel platform and a computer to record data. The data received from the platform is converted into weight values ​​in accordance with the wheatstone bridge scheme and transferred to the computer. These results are recorded on the computer. The scale can measure the weight of a vehicle on it in a short time.

In order to get accurate results in weight measurements, it will be useful to measure the vehicle before loading and to record its specific weight. As a matter of fact, each vehicle has a maximum weight that it must carry with its own weight. With a good truck scale, this weight can be measured and it can be determined whether the vehicle has the required standards..

How to Install 80 Tons Scale?

Truck scale models that can measure up to 80 tons are very simple to install. Fixing the platform to the ground and performing the calibration by integrating the computer will be sufficient for the installation. After these operations are done, the scale can be used without any problems. Calibration must be performed to ensure that the system is making correct measurements.

Why Kobastar?

Kobastar is a company that has made a name for itself in weight measurement systems, produces high quality 80-tons scale models by complying with 100% domestic and national production principles. Truck scales produced by Kobastar are preferred both in Turkey and around the world. You can choose Kobastar to get fast results in weight measurements.

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