40 Ton Scale

TS5 Truck Scale

60 ~ 80 ton, 3x8 ~ 3x20 Meters

TS2 Truck Scale

40 ~ 100 ton, 3x6 ~ 3x22 Meters

TS3 Truck Scale

40 ~ 100 ton, 3x6 ~ 3x22 Meters

TS1 Truck Scale

10 ~ 100 ton, 3x6 ~ 3x22 Meters

More advanced products are needed compared to standard load cells in order to make high tonnage measurements. In order to measure weights as high as 40 tons, suitable scales should be placed in the work areas. These products can be higher in price. For this reason, it is recommended to be careful in choosing the brands that give.

The 40 ton scale is among the most preferred scales in the industry. In this way, it is ideal for many business lines. The scales, which allow high weight measurement, provide support up to 40 tons. It brings Kobastar to the foreground with models that allow durable and precise weighing. Kobastar is confidently preferred in scale solutions for all businesses. The scales can be used without any problems for many years as they are of high quality. In this way, high profits are provided to businesses in the long run. Thanks to the durability, a new product cannot be purchased and production does not need to be interrupted. This situation is much more critical for businesses such as food where there is continuity in production. These advantages provided by products purchased at affordable prices create unmissable opportunities for businesses.

40 ton scale, 40 Ton Scale, KOBASTAR Load Cell & Indicator

40 ton scale

40 Ton Scale Prices

In addition to the quality provided, the prices of the 40-ton scale are also quite affordable. In products also called truck scales, options such as TS2 truck scale and TS5 truck scale can be preferred. Since the prices vary according to the features of the products, you can browse our truck scales page for the most up-to-date and advantageous prices. The scales are approximately 3 meters wide and 22 meters long. Therefore, attention should be paid to the dimensions. Otherwise, incompatibilities may occur and different models may need to be evaluated.

 The Most Suitable Model is in Kobastar

Kobastar draws attention with its quality and product variety in the sector. When it comes to a 40 ton scale, it also offers solutions to needs. Kobastar is a professional company that has managed to make things easier with services such as shipping and installation. In its production, it never compromises on criteria such as quality, durability, accuracy, precision and reliability. It also adds value to the country’s economy thanks to its 100% domestic production. It offers the most suitable opportunity for you with the services it has provided in the sector for years. Moreover, Kobastar is with you when you have questions in your mind or want to get support about products!


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