100 Tons Scale

100 tons scale is produced from our truck scale types as above ground and pit type and has 5 years mechanical and 2 years electronic warranty. 100 Tons Weighbridge
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In logistics, it is extremely important to measure weight quickly and to obtain accurate results. In order to ensure road safety and supply needed products in correct quantities, 100 tons weighbridge can be used. The weighing devices produced by Kobastar measure up to 100 tons, facilitating production and supply processes.

 What is 100 Tons Weighbridge?


There are different limits according to the upper weight limits in truck scales. The 100-tons weighbridge, which is a truck scale, has the ability to measure weight up to 100 tons. In other words, the scales that can measure 100 tons basically work with a load cell system. It is a system that measures the weight of the tree on it together with the load.

How to Use Truck Scale?


Like other truck scales, a 100-tons truck scale basically consists of a platform and indicator. When the vehicle whose weight will be measured is brought on the platform, the pressure applied to the surface is measured and sent to the indicator. The indicator, on the other hand, converts the data received from the platform and displays it on the basis of weight units. In this way, the total weight of the vehicle with the load it carries can be measured within seconds. 

100 Tons Weighbridge

100 Tons Weighbridge

Where is 100 Tons Scale Used?

For the safety of vehicles carrying heavy loads, they should not exceed a certain limit. Therefore, the weight of the vehicles should be measured before setting off. Vehicle scales that provide fast results are used for this process. It can be used in road controls as well as in logistics, production and supply areas.

What are the advantages?

Long-haul vehicles have a maximum weight they have to carry with their specific gravity. Kobastar scales allow measurements to be made quickly. It will be sufficient to bring the vehicle on the platform to measure weight with these systems. On the other hand, the truck scale is suitable for use in many different places thanks to its detachable and portable structure.

Why Kobastar?

Kobastar, like other load cells, makes qualified production in the vehicle scale category. The scales produced by Kobastar are produced with first class platforms and indicators. You can choose the 100-tons scale types produced by our company to speed up the logistics processes. For detailed information about weighing systems, you can contact us at the following phone number or e-mail address.

Contact us: +90 332 249 38 15 – sales@kobastar.com

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