General Details

SPW Load Shackle Pin

SPW load Shackle pin are specially produced for harbor and ship cranes,we use high strength alloy steel for load pins and GM2130 series shackle up to 150 tons,GM2140 series shackle up to 400 tons,also we can produce  shackle pin optional  17-4PH Stainless steel.

SPW Load Shackle Pin range starts at 3t , with the top load only limited by the availability of shackle forgings.

SPW load shackle can communicate up to 300 meters with wireless hand held display


The Wireless hand held indicator is especially designed for use in SPW Load Shackles

It is an industrial weighing device with wireless communication up to 300 meters.

16 individual load shackles can be connected,each load shackle can be individually weighted and also display the sum

It has built-in battery and can work for days with one charge

The wireless hand held indicator 192 * 64 dot matrix LCD screen , backlight display, clearly visible during the day and night.


Weighing results can be saved into up to 99 categories

Selectable kg , t , lb or kN

Accurate internal clock and calendar

Automatically shut down the power scale after half an hour while no body operate

Bidirectional data transfer functions


Off Shore Mooring Anchor Setting

Under Hook Crane Weighing

Aircraft Manufacturing and Repair

Wire Rope and Cable Tension Monitoring

Shipping & receiving weighing

Heavy Lift

Structural Load Testing and Certification

Manufacturing and Heavy Construction

Swing Stage

Crane and Hoist Calibration and Proof Load Testing

Technical info

For indicator

Capacity & Size