Сертифицированный ATEX взрывозащищенный тензодатчик

Что такое Атекс?

  • Atex means “Explosive Atmosphere” and is the environment formed by flammable substances such as gas, steam, fog and dust with air under atmospheric conditions and which can completely burn in contact with any ignition source.
  • Electrical devices used in environments with risk of explosion must comply with Atex. The devices used are required to bear the ATEX approval and symbol.

Dangerous places are classified into zones based on the frequency of occurrence of an explosive atmosphere and the duration of this environment. These zones may vary depending on whether the hazardous substance is gas or powder.

Explosive Environment Classification

Zone Classification for Gases

Zone 0: Places where an explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture of flammable substances in the form of gas, vapor and mist with air occurs continuously or for a long time or frequently.

Zone 1: Places where an explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture of flammable substances in the form of gas, vapor and mist with air may occasionally occur under normal operating conditions.

Zone 2: Places where flammable substances in the form of gas, vapor and mist are not likely to mix with air and create an explosive atmosphere under normal operating conditions, or even if such a possibility exists, places where the explosive atmosphere is permanent for a very short time.

Zone Classification for Powders

Zone 20: Places where flammable dust in cloud form in the air is present continuously or for long periods of time or where explosive atmospheres may occur frequently.

Zone 21: Places where, under normal operating conditions, flammable dust in the form of a cloud in the air may occasionally create an explosive atmosphere.

Zone 22: Zone where, under normal operating conditions, there is no possibility of clouds of flammable dust in the air creating an explosive atmosphere, but even if such a possibility exists, this is only valid for a very short period of time.

Classification of EX Equipment Groups

GROUP I: It is valid in mines and mining industry.

Kategori M1: Applies to high protection level “0” and “20” environments. The fan does not work in this area.

Kategori M2: When an explosive atmosphere is detected, the device cuts off the power.

GRUP II: It covers all branches of industry except the mining industry.

G: Gas atmosphere;

D: Indicates an atmosphere with dust.

Category 1: It indicates “0” and “20” environments at high protection level. The fan does not operate in this zone.

Category 2: It covers devices that do not pose a danger during normal operation and in case of any malfunction. Indicates environments numbered “1” and “21”.

Category 3: It does not endanger the environment during normal operation. Indicates environments numbered “2” and “22”.

ATEX Label Designations

  • Products that comply with ATEX directives and are used in explosive, caustic and flammable environments are coded to inform the plant installer and user personnel. Not every ATEX product can be used everywhere. In this way, a possible error is prevented and the product is recognized.
  • A product with a higher security rating is suitable for use in an environment that requires a lower security rating. However, it cannot be used in a higher class or different group. For example, a product in the “T4” temperature class can be used for “T3-T2-T1” classes.

Kobastar ATEX Code

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