Kobastar Platform Scale

Platform Scale

Weighing platform scale for weighing application,Standard dimensions and customization,High quality high accuracy
Selectable Mild steel,Stainless steel.

Kobastar Scales are designed to work in harsh industrial conditions. They work in all-around the world to sell in -10 ° C to + 40 ° C and humid environments.

They have dozens of models designed according to customer requirements and are usually designed to be portable.

Weighing indicators can be selected differently in scales and they can be connected seamlessly to computer, PLC, printer, external display with various data transfer methods.

In addition, wireless communication modules can reach 300 meters between the scale and the indicator.

Steel and iron sheet weighing scales for rolling mills

Heat resistant ladder and casting weighing systems for foundry factories.

Marble block weighing scales for marble quarries

Live animal scales for farms.

Stainless hygienic weighing systems for the food industry.

Standard Platform scales.

You can find many types in Kobastar, such as buried type scales.

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