General Details

TSD Digital Loadcell

OIML R60 C5 Certified

TSD Digital Loadcell is a stainless steel digital compression loadcell. This product is suitable for use in road and rail weigh bridges and process weighing applications.

TSD Digital loadcell measuring area is covered with stainless steel pipes and covers, welded with laser welding and protected against dust and waterproof (IP68) to prevent environmental damage.

TSD Digital Load Cell features embedded electronics that improve system accuracy and load cell handling and allows the user to communicate with each load cell independently. It’s designed so that multiple cells can be wired together in a chain to the indicator, greatly simplifying installations by avoiding the need for a junction box.

TSD Digital load cell corner adjustments working with Kobastar KD series digital indicator are easily made digitally via indicator.


It is under constant control with high level error reporting and can be intervened immediately in case of any error.

If you replace the defective one with a new one, you do not need to recalibrate.

It can be used for years without any problem with its software corner adjustment.

Conditions such as radio signals, electromagnetic environments, temperature, etc. cannot affect the measurement.

Higher accuracy, less error percentages.

If you would like any more information about compression load cells, please contact us and a member of our team would be happy to provide support.


OIML R60 C5 approved

Capacities of 20 ton to 100 ton

Hermetically sealed IP68

Eliminates need junction box

Fast communication by RS485

Able to corner adjustment by indicator

chain connection IP68 connector cable

Stainless Steel

High Accuracy and High Precision


– Weighbridge

– Rail weigh bridges

– Tank and Silo weighing

– Dynamic Weighing application


Working Princible

Cable Color Code

Technical info
Capacity : 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 100 Ton
Accuracy Class : C5
Minimum Load : 20 kg
Maximum Intervals (nLC) : 5000
Minimum Verification Interval : 10000
Total Error : ±0.01 %FS
Communication Format : Rs485 Digital
Communication Speed :  9600 / 19200 Bps
Linearity : ±0.02% FS
Repeatability : ±0.01% FS
Isolation Resistance :  ≤ 5000 MΩ (100VDC)
Compansated Temperature : -10 ˜ + 40  °C
Operating Temperature : -30 ˜ + 70  °C
Excitation, Recommended Voltage : 12 VDC
Maximum Excitation Voltage (Umax) : 18 VDC
Safe Overload : 150 % FS
Ultimate Overload : 300 % FS
Ingress Protection (EN60529) : IP 68
Element Material : Stainless Steel
Cable : 16 meters Outside Diameter 8.8mm