General Details

TS6 Truck Scale

TS6 Truck Scale s are manufactured as  IPE beam type steel platform.  It is mounted on the ground with side concrete ramps for easy climb and measure or suitable pit mounted

TS6 Truck Scale I beam weight bridge  is modern type of truck scales, there is a blank space of middle so more economic other type truck scale

Optianal side round bars prevent vehicles from falling

Top steel sheet  thickness is variable for each scale capacities,Minimum sheet thickness is 10 mm.

There are 4 to 10 pieces of load cells in every scale for different  shapes and sizes.

Load cells are OIML  R60 certificated  Kobastar TS model, C4 class, 30 tons of capacity stainless steel  Turkish production load cells.

Trade approved , Dual weighing range ,CE , M , OIML , ISO9001 Certified



Our indicators are enriching your scales with High sensitivity sigma delta ADC, Anti vibration software and most importantly, constant and stable operation for many years without causing any problems .

Crystal Vision Wide Angle LCD Display with LED Backlight

–          1/30000 ADC Convertion rate

–          Powerfull anti vibration software

–          Zero track and manuel zeroing

–          Diital filter adjustment

Low battery warning and automatic shut down mode

Use elaborate hardware and software design, make sure of strong safety of production and management, suitable for building materials, chemicals, food, steel and other industries.



TS6 Truck Scale Kobastar windows  based weighing software is very simple and easy to use for everyone who has experienced computers before.

-Advanced reporting and capable of sending data in xml,excel,pdf,html,txt formats .

– Communicaiton and controlling different scales , from a centrall with web module.

-Outage calculation

– fast and easy weighing for fixed tare vehicles.

Light management and licence plate reading systems can be easly entegrated.



TS6 Truck Scale Loadcell Compression type 30 tons capacity OIML R60 and IP68 protection certificated TS type loadcell designed to work in harsh industrial environments  for many years. Stainless steel body is  highly resistant to corrosion.  Standart offered montage kit protects from lateral loads to avoid any inaccurate measurments.

OIML R60 Certificate

TS6 Truck Scale

TS6 Truck Scale

Technical info
TS-6-364 3X6 4 40 20kg.
TS-6-384 3X8 4 40-50-60 t 20kg
TS-6 -3106 3X10 6 40-50-60 t 20kg
TS-6 -3126 3X12 6 40-50-60 t 20kg
TS-6 -3146 3X14 6 60-80 t 20kg-50kg.
TS-6 -3168 3X16 8 60-80-100 t 20kg-50kg.
TS-6 -3188 3X18 8 60-80-100 t 20kg-50kg.
TS-6-3208 3X20 8 60-80-100 t 20kg-50kg.
TS-6 -3228 3X22 8 60-80-100 t 20kg-50kg.