General Details

OLT Overload controller

OLT Overload control indicator provides integrity with other elements in the panel with its box suitable for rail mounting, while providing easy connection to industrial control devices. It is a robust and quality control unit designed for use in cranes with 4 relay outputs. It can communicate with computer and external display via RS 232 serial port, 110-220 volts operating voltage. High precision 24 bit sigma delta ADC can connect 4 loadcells (350Ω), calibration without reference weight (mV / V). Housing suitable for DIN rail mounting.


-Crane overload control

-Elevator overload control

-Industrial weighing applications

-Industrial weighing

Technical info
Sensitivity Class 1/30000
EU Type Approval (III) n=3000 Division
Display 5 Digit 7 Segment 16mm Red LED
State LEDs Stable , SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4
Keypad 5 Function Keys (Zero, Function, Enter, SP, Print (ESC)
ADC Δ-Σ Delta-Sigma 24 bits
A/D Convert Speed 10 times/second
Resolution 1μV/e
Load cell input -15mV ~ +15mV input range
In-Linearity & TC 0.0015% of Maximum Capacity
Excitation voltage 5V DC Max 150mA:
Load Cell Count Max 4 x 350Ω
Connection Type 4 or 6 wires
Calibration Reference dead load or without reference dead load (mV/V Calibration)
Filter 3 Steps Digital Filter
Outputs 4 Output, NO/NC Röle
Serial Ports COM1-RS232
Analog Output 0-5V
Housing DIN Rail Mountage
Power Supply AC100/240V
Operating Temperature -10C ~ 45C , 95%RH