General Details

OLT Overload controller

OLT Overload controller is an industrial indicator designed for use in crane and elevator overload control applications,OLT indicator suitable for rail mounting, thus allowing easy installation.

Built-in analog and digital outputs make it easy to adapt to other peripherals.


220 Volt power input

5 Digit 7 Segment 16mm LED display

5 status LED

5  switch button

4 Pcs internal relay output

High accuracy 24bit Sigma Delta ADC

4 Pcs loadcell connect (350 Ω)

RS232C Communucation() connect to PC,PLC,Printer,and external display

0-5V Analog output

Wireless Communucation(Opsion)

Weightless calibration (without any reference weight)mV/V




Industrial weighing

Technical info