20 Recipe, 38mm LED, 2x16 LCD Display

General Details

MW TMR Weighing Indicator

MW + is a rational weighing indicator used in animal husbandry designed for feed mix and distribution wagons.
With its 38mm height, 5 digit LED and 2×16 Character LCD screen, it is extremely easy to use, you can prepare the ration you want
and you can increase the milk yield of your animals.
20 recipes can be prepared.
20 different product names can be entered.
Unloading can be done in 20 different areas.
The amount of feed to be prepared per animal can be seen.
Animal numbers can be changed before filling begins.
With the block button, the screen can be locked while the feed is being mixed and the trailer is in motion.
It has the ability to work in different languages. (Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic)
Calibration without reference dead load (LoadCell mV / V).
It is not affected by the vibrations of the machine with its dynamic filtering feature.
It can make serial communication with RS232.


-Feed mix and distribution wagons

-Mobile concrete mixers

Technical info
Accuracy Class1/30000 1/30000
Display 38mm LED
Second Display 2×16 LCD
Status Display 4 Status LEDs
Keypad 10 Mechanical Switch Button
ADC Δ-Σ Delta-Sigma 24 bits
A/D Convertion Speed 200 Sample per Second
Resolution 0.6μV/e
Load Cell Input 0,1mV ~ +19mV Input Range
Excitation Voltage 5V DC Max 150mA
Load Cell Count Max 8 x 350Ω / 16×700Ω
Calibration Calibration with reference dead load or mV/V
Filter 3 step Digital Vibration Filter
Weight Units Kg, Lb,Ton, Newton
Serial Ports Com1 – Rs232 + External Display
RT Real Time Date and Clock
Power Supply 9VDC ~ 26VDC
Operation Temperature -10 ~ 40°C Non-condensed. R.H.85
Housing ABS Plastic
Weight 2,0 Kg
Sizes 240x180x80
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