2 lama type load cells are used in the system.

General Details

MRS Monorail Scale

MRS Series Monorail weighing systems are especially used in slaughterhouses, etc. It enables the carcasses
coming to the end of the processing line to be weighed on the rails.
The existing Monorail is integrated into the system.
It is produced from stainless or hot dipped galvanized materials.
2 lama type load cells are used in the system.



-Meat processing plants

Technical info


LCD and LED indicator options
Suitable for industrial weighing applications
High precision 24 bit Delta-Sigma Analog / Digital converter
Automatic power saving and automatic shutdown
Zero tracking on opening, manual reset
Internal rechargeable battery (100 Hours)
Kg / Lb unit replacement and part counting
Manual tare, automatic tare and tare
RS 232 and wireless communication, printer and PC connection
Extensive service network, 2 years warranty