General Details

MCW Manual Checkweigher

Checkweigher is used in a wide variety of applications in the food and other industries to verify product weight.
Kobastar offers a wide range of control scales, each of which can be configured to suit your own needs.
MCW series control scales that can work with high speed and maximum accuracy speed up your production line.
It protects the consumer and your brand by ensuring that the packaged products consisting of multiple parts are presented to the consumer completely.


-Packaged products consisting of more than one piece, White goods, Small hand tools etc.

Technical info


7 ” Color touch HMI panel
Package name, configuration, target weight, upper tolerance
100 formulas including weight and low tolerance weight
Total package, Correct package, Over package, Missing package, Average
Three levels of user management: Administrator / Manager / Operator
Max. Support up to 20 users
Direct reporting to USB or computers
Powerful vibration filtering
Stainless and PU materials suitable for food manufacturing (Option)
Hygienic chassis / body design (Option)
Extensive service network, 2 years warranty