General Details

M60 Weighing Controller

M60S is a rail type weighing controller, industrial weighing process indicator.
Has high accuracy, weight / force measuring, tensile and breakout test, automatic weighing control etc. options.
Adjustable digital and analog outputs.
Has suitable for industrial environment, high anti-noise EMC design.
Response to your expectations with 32-bit ARM CPU, 48 MHz clock and high arithmetic speed.
6 + 6 red LED display, 24-bit high sensitivty Δ-Σ A/D max. sampling frequency 3200Hz.
Con connect to IPC / PLC and external displays with RS232, optional RS485 and CANBUS communication ports.



-Force measures

-Tensile and Breakout test processes

-Weight control

-Adjustable digital and analog outputs

Technical info
Accuracy Class 1/30000
Display 6+6 Red LED
State LEDs 3 pcs State LEDs
Keypad 4 Function Keys
ADC Δ-Σ Delta-Sigma 24 bits
A/D Convert Rate 3200Hz, 1600Hz, 800Hz, 400Hz, 200Hz, 5Hz.
Resolution 1/1,000,000 Internal Count
Load Cell Input 0~12.5mV
In-Linearity & TC 0.005% of Maximum Capacity
Excitation Voltage 5V DC Max 120mA:
Load Cell Count Max 8 x 350Ω
Connect Type 4 or 6 Wires
Calibration 10- Point Load or without Reference Dead Load ( mV/V Calibration )
Filter 9 Step Digital
Inputs 3 Input, Normally Open Switch Digital
Outputs 3 Output, Normally Open Transistor
Serial Ports COM1-RS232, COM2-RS485, COM3-CanBus / MODBUS[ASCII/RTU]
Analog Output 1 0-20mA, Non-linearity: 0.05%FS, 1 VO: 0-10V, Non-linearity: 0.05%FS.
Housing DIN Rail, Sizes : 71.5×113×57.9mm [W×H×D]
Weight About 197g
Power Supply DC12~24V. 3W