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Most industrial load cells are used in multiple load cell weighing systems. Load cells should be
electrically connected in such a way that the signal (output) lines, excitation (power supply) and sense
(when present) lines are in parallel. Usually the connection is not made at the indicator, but in a separate
housing, a so called junction box, located adjacent to the weighing system.


Kobastar JB model Junction boxes made of high quality electronic board and components
Able to connect with strain gauge load cell at resistance of 350-800 ohm,excitation 5~15V DC
JB Series are stainless steel,and ABS plastic IP65 housing suitable for harsh environments
Able to connect 4,6,8,10 load cell with screw terminal and soldering connection easy assembly
SIGNAL TRIM adjusting the main benefit of signal trim is a neglectable interaction between span and zero
and excellent temperature stability
EXCITATION TRIM is the oldest and still most used method of trimming each individual load cell.

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