General Details

KD42 Digital Weighing Indicator

KD42 Digital Weighing Indicator is with stainless steel housing, configure with high performance, wide woltage switch power supply, AC/DC both is possible, suitable for static weighing truck scale system with 1-16 pcs Kobastar digital load cells.

KD42 Digital Weighing Indicator has OIML and EC Type Examination Certificate for trade approved


It has two kind of auto networking methods

The communication between load cell and indicator could be encrypted

Support modbus RTU protocol

With next information input and printing function

Automatic and manual corner – difference adjustment

Non linearity adjustment function

Digital load cell inner code checking function

Digital load cells inspection function

With scoreboard interface

With serial communication interface

With standard parallel print interface, user defined printing format

PC Serial port self checking function

Constant current smart recharge protection function

EMC Protection measurement totaly set


Technical info