General Details

KD30 Digital Weighing Indicator

Kd30 Digital weighing indicator is a new generation digital weighing indicator with stainless steel case, configured to operate with high performance.
Up to 4 Kobastar branded digital load cells can be connected.
In addition to its features such as changing the weight unit during use, it collects the weighings made and provides flexible usage opportunity by connecting to external large screens, computers and peripherals such as printers.
It can work in different systems such as platform scales, truck scales, live animal scales, tank weighing.
With its automatic and manual corner adjustment, it does not require classic trimpot collecting cards.



-Tank and Silo weighing

Technical info
Accuracy Class 1/30000
EU Type Approval (III) n=3000 Division
Display 30mm Red LED
Status Displays 7 pcs Status LEDs
Keypad 6 Membran button
Load Cell Interface Rs485 Mode, Max. sending range 75m.
Baud Rate 19200bps
Load Cell Excitation DC12V / 750mA
Load Cell Count 1 – 4 Pcs (Kobastar Digital Load Cell)
External Display Connection 20mA Current Loop, 600bps, 100m.
Printer Interface Parallel Printer Output (Epson, Panasonic Etc.)
Serial Ports Rs232 / Rs485
Calibration Adjust Linearity Function
Filter Digital Anti-Vibration Filter
RTC Real Time Date and Clock
Power Supply AC110~220V – 50hz
DC12V/7Ah Rechargeable Battery
Operation Temperature -10 ~ 40oC Non-condensed. R.H. 85%
Sizes 293x210x70
Weight 2,7Kg