General Details

K24 Weigh & Counter Indicator

K24 is an industrial weighing indicator with 3 LCD screens with weighing and counter features.
It is used in scales and scales with counter features.
It shows total weight, unit weight and number of pieces on 3 different screens.
High sensitivity A/D convertion 1/30000;
Adjustable zero track range.
Zero at opening, auto zero range.
Low battery display and battery protection circuit.
Auto off and power protection option.
RS232 communication.


-Industrial counting and weighing applications.

Technical info
Accuracy Class 1/30000 (Non-Approved)
Display 3 pcs LCD display with backlight
Keypad 20 Button
ADC Δ-Σ Delta-Sigma 20 bits
Resolution 0.6μV/e
Load Cell Input -10mV ~ +15mV Input Range
Excitation Voltage 5V DC Max 150mA
Load Cell Count Max 4 x 350Ω
Calibration With reference dead load
Filter 4 steps digital
Weight Units Kg, Lb
Serial Ports Com1 – Rs232
Power Supply AC110~220V 50hz
Rechargeable battery 6V/4.5Ah
Operation temperature -10 ~ 40°C
Housing ABS plastic
Weight 1.8 Kg
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