General Details

K1 Weighing Indicator

K1 Weighing indicator is suitable for use in many areas such as vehicle scales, platform scales, tank weighing systems and test
It has OIML R76 and EU type approved certificate
High sensitivity A/D convertion 1/30000;
Adjustable Zero tracking range
Zero at opening, auto zero range
Low battery display and battery protection circuit
Auto off and power protection option
Live Animal weighing option
High and Low Weighing Display (Hi-Lo)
RS232 Communication


-Platform scales

-Vehicle scales

-Live animal scales

-Simple weighing applications

Technical info
Accuracy Class 1/30000 (Non-Approved)
EU Type Approval (III) n=3000 Division
Display 20mm Red LED
Status Displays 7 pcs Status LEDs
Keypad 5 Membran Button
ADC Δ-Σ Delta-Sigma 20 bits
Resolution 0.6μV/e
Load Cell Input -15mV ~ +15mV Input range
Excitation Voltage 5V DC Max 150mA
Load Cell Count Max 6 x 350Ω
Calibration With reference dead load
Filter 4 steps digital
Weight units Kg, lb, Liter, Ton, Newton
Serial Ports Com1 – Rs232
Power Supply AC110~220V 50hz
Rechargeable 6V/4.5Ah Battery
Operation Temperature -10 ~ 40°C
Housing ABS Plastic
Weight 1.8 Kg
Sizes 180x170x58