General Details

K1 Weighing Indicator

K1 Weighing Indicator Adopts high anti – jamming Single-Chip microcessor and high precision A/D conversion Technology ,widely applied in electronic platform scale,electronic Floor scale and other static weighing systems that equipped with 1~6pcs load cells.AC/DC are both available for this indicator.,K1 Weighing Indicator has OIML R76:2006 Certificate and EU Type Approved (2014/31/EU)


High precision AD conversion, readability 1/30000;

20 times of ISN display, replace weights to observe and analyze error;

Zero traking range can be set;

Power on, auto zero-set range, manual zero-set range can be set separately,

Random charging by indicator, low power indication and protection device;

Adopt float charging circuit, can prolong battery lifetime;

Auto power saving mode and auto power off funtion

Animal scale funtion and accumulation funtion

High and Low weight indication

RS232 interface with multi communication format

Apply with EMC proventive measure



Animal Scale

Platform Scale

Tank & Silo Weighing

Technical info