General Details

id551PN Weighing Controller

id551PN Weighing Controller is a high precision industry weighing controller,It can support 1 to 4 scales input and support PROFINETMODBUS-TCP communication as well.

This weighing controller is mostly applied in PLC control system,DCS control system,Computer manage and control system. It can output weight to PLC,DCS or Computer control system via serial port,Ethernet or PROFINET and so on.



* High accuracy,high anti-vibration

* No-testing weight calibration is available

* Support 1 to 4 Scales Input

* 200Hz ADC speed

* 100,000 display division

* 6000e CMC approval

* One serial port :RS232/485

* 2LAN port


* PROFINET for Siemens

* TCP Report weight

* Mobile APP Configure and Calibration

* PC Tool Configure and Calibration

* DIN Rail Housing



ID551PN Industry Process Weighing Controller is typical for weighing system,batching system,filling system work together with PLC or DCS control system.


* Blue Tooth with Mobile App

* Touch Screen Configure Tool



Technical info
Specifications of ID551PN Process Weighing Controller
Accuracy Class III
Approval 100,000 display divisions ,CMC 6000e
Display & Keypad
Display 6bit -7segment LED display
Update Speed 50ms
Status Display PLC online/offline, scale , Motion, Net, Center of Zero
Key Tare, Clear, Zero, Scale switch
ADC & Scales
Scale Support 1 to 4 scales
Type 24-bit
Speed 200 Hz
Resolution 0.06uV/d
Resolution Approved 1uV/e(legal for trade)
Input 0.1mV to 19Mv
In-linearity & TC  ≤0.0015% FS;≤5ppm/℃
Exciting Voltage 5V DC, max 150mA
Load Cell Number Not more than 4 x 350Ω for each scale
Connect Type  4- wired or 6-wired , Cable:274mR/m2
Calibration 2-point with testing weight or no testing(CalFree),Remote Calibration: PLC  、PC、Mobile APP
Filter 10-step
Scale Process Tare/Clear,Zero,Auto Zero,Motion
Communication I/F
Serial Port COM1-RS232/485,  support MODBUS-RTU
LAN 2 LAN port,switch integrated insideTCP continuous output weight,MODBUS-TCP,PROFFINET for Siemens PLC
Blue Tooth Support Mobile APP to configure, calibrate
Housing DIN Rail
Power Supply 86~264VAC  or 24VDC
Working Condition
Temperature -10℃~45℃ ,95% RH