General Details

id550 Weighing Controller

id550 Weighing Controller is an industry weighing process controller,high accuracy,typical for weighing, batching, filling.

id550 is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, paint filling, food and feed industries.


●200Hz ADC speed
●100,000d and 600e(approved)
●Standard: RS232/485 Port
●6-bit 0.56” LED display
●Standard: Report Weight MODBUS_RTU
●No-Testing Calibration(CalFree)

●6-bit 0.56” red LED display and 5 status lights.
●100,000 display division,6000e approved
●200Hz A/D sample speed,200 Hz target compare speed
●5-step filter,High Anti vibration
●Standard with one serial ports(RS232/485)
●No-Testing Calibration(CalFree)is available


●4 Inputs /6 Outputs (OC)
●4 Inputs /6 Outputs (Relay)
●4-20mA Analog Output(16-bit DAC)



Technical info

Specifications and Parameters

Accuracy Class III
EU Approval 100,000 Display Division ,CMC 6000e

Display & Keypad

Display 6 bits 7-segment red LED display,0.56” high(14.2mm)
Update Speed 250ms
Status Display Gross,Net,Motion,Center of Zero, Kg/Lb
Key 4 function keys(Tare,Clear,Zero,Print)


Type 24-bit
Speed 200 Hz
Resolution 0.06uV/d
Resolution Approved 1uV/vsi(legal for trade)
Input 0.1mV to 19Mv
Accuracy 100,000d

Linearity and  Stability

In-linearity & TC  ≤0.0015% FS;≤5ppm/℃
Load Cell
Exciting Voltage 5V DC, max 150mA
Load Cell Number Max 6 x 350Ω
Connect Type  4- wired or 6-wired , Cable:274mR/m2

Scale Basic Functionality

Calibration 2-point with testing weight or no testing(CalFree)
Filter 5-step
Scale Process Tare,Zero,Auto Zero,Motion,
Inputs Option 4 Inputs,Can be assigned  remote inputs for
remote host(PLC or DCS)
Outputs Option 6 Outputs,Can be assigned  remote outputs for
remote host(PLC or DCS)

Target Control

Zero Tolerance Support
Target Control Simple Setpoint or Sequence Control(with Start & Abort command)
Serial Port 1ports:RS232/485
Continuous Output 10ms~ 20ms, (100~50 Hz)
MODBUS-RTU Support,Integer & Floating data format
AnalogOutput 4-20mA,16-bit DAC
PanelMount IP65,0.56” display
PowerSupply 24VDC
Working Condition
Temperature -10℃ 40℃ ,95%RH
Power Supply 24VDC,6W