General Details

ID511 Weighing Controller

The ID511, weighing controller, is an industrial weighing indicator with high precision, high reliability and many fieldbus interfaces.
It easily meets the complex and demanding requirements of industrial weighing control.
Suitable for automatic weighing processes such as Bagging, Filling, and Dosing.


-Weighing process control

-Liquid filling



Technical info


7 Digit LED Display, 22mm height (for Panel type)
7 Dijit LED Display, 25.4mm height (for model of SS IP68)
150.000 Display division, 6000e
200Hz Analog Digital Convert, 200 times second compare speed
5 Steps dynamic filter, High level vibration filter
Standard 2 Seri ports: (Rs232 + R232/485), Modbus RTU
PLC Communication interface board
8 Inputs /12 Outputs (OC)
8 Inputs /12 Outputs (Relay)
4-20mA Output(16-bit DAC) x 1
4-20mA Output(16-bit DAC) x 2
POFIBUS DP for Siemens PLC
PROFINET for Siemens PLC
EtherNet/IP for Rockwall PLC
CC-LINK for Mitsubishi PLC