General Details

ID510 Weighing Controller

ID510 Weighing Controller This has been defined as a kind of automated control of weighing process comprising of one scale. So as to manufacture this product line, our technocrats make use high quality materials, upgraded machine and contemporary techniques  in compliance with industry laid norms of standard quality.

ID510 weighing controller is an industry weighing process controller,high accuracy,kinds of field-bus communication,typical for weighing, batching, filling, bagging and chemical dangerous area weighing.

128×64 dot matrix graph display 150,000 ,6000e CMC approval 150,000 display division,6000e CMC approval 200Hz A/D sample speed,200 Hz target compare speed10-step filter,High Anti vibration

Standard with two serial ports (RS232 and RS232/485), Kinds of field-bus options to connect to PLC or DCS

ID510 Weighing Controller No-Testing weight Calibration is available

Exd Class:EXD ib (iallcGA)IIB T6 Gb /DIP A21 TA ,T6


◆200Hz ADC speed
◆150,000d and 600e(approved)
◆RS232,RS485,100M LAN
◆Green OLED dot matrix graph display
◆Report Weight and rate at the same time from PROFIBUSDP,MODBUS_RTU, 4-20MA,MODBUSTCP
◆No-Testing Weight Calibration
◆Zone:Zone 2, 22 and Div. 2 location
◆Kinds of application Controlling PAC



◆8 Inputs /12 Outputs (OC and Relay)
◆4-20mA Analog Output(16-bit DAC)


ID510 Weighing Controller APPLICATIONS

◆Standard Weighing

◆Field Bus Communication

◆Target Control

◆Checking Weighing





Technical info
Specifications and Parameters
Accuracy Class
EU Approval 150,000Display Division , CMC 6000e
Display 128×64 green OLED dot matrix graph dispiay
Update Speed 50ms
Status Display Tare,Net,Montion,Zero,Unit,PLC
Key 20keys(Fkey,Tare/Clear,Zero,Print,10 digit keys)
Power On/off None
Keypad Lock Can be locks via local input or remote communication


Type&Speed 24-bit 200Hz
Resolution 0.1Mv to mV input range 150,000d ,0.06uV/d,1uV/e
Scale Basic Functionality
Calibration 2-point with testing weight or no testing(CalFree)
Filter 5-step
Scale Process Tare,Zero, Auto Zero,Motion,Auto Tare,Auto Clear,

Auto Print

Inputs Option 8 Inputs, Can be assigned remote inputs for

remote host (PLC or DCS)

Outputs Option 12 Outputs, Can be assigned remote outputs for

remote host(PLC or DCS)

Others Display gross weight, net weight ,rate
Lineaity and Stability
In-linearity &TC ≤0.0015%FS;≤5PPM/℃
Exciting Voltage 5V DC ,max 150mA
Load Cell Number Max 10×350Ω or 24×1100Ω
Connect Type 4-wired or 6-wired,Cabie:274mR/m²
Communication I/F
Serial Port 2 ports: COM1-RS232,COM2-RS232/485

MODBUST-RTU,Continuous output weight,Demand Input$Dwmand Output

PROFINET Connect to Siemens PLC, report integer weight data and Floating weight data
EtherNet/IP Connect to Rockwall PLC, report integer weight data and Floating weight data
MODBUS-RTU Support, Integer $ Floating weigh data
Analog Output 4-20mA(16-bit DAC)x1 or 4- 20mA(16-bit DAC)x2
PROFIBUS-DP Integer & Floating weight data ,100Hz updating speed

3 GSD inside ,Totally compatible to PANTHER &IND131/331

CC-LINK For Mitsubishi PLC,Totally compatible to PANTHER &IND 131/331
Application PAC
Basic Weighing 2-speed target control / Filling/dump/Over/Under/Over
Batching PAC Up to 8 material, Sequence Fill/Random Fill
Checking Weighing PAC Eye input checking&Weighingchecking,Up to 8 rangge

classify output

Bagging PAC Weigh-Hopper Bagging/No-Weigh-Hopper Bagging

In-continuous-weighing totalization Bagging

Filling PAC No-Gun-Control Filling/Gun-Control Filling
Working Condition
Temperature -10℃,40℃,95%RH
Power Supply 86~264VAC,12W
IP Protection Panel-IP65,Harsh-IP69K,Exd-IP65