General Details

i7 Weighing Indicator


i7 Weighing Indicator have wide variety of  general use like tanks, silos, platform scales. With high precision ADC ,it can easly measure weight in kg and lt parameters,i5 has OIML  R76:2006 Type Approved and EC Type Approved.


Crystal Vision Wide Angle LCD Display with LED Backlight

Flexible Indicator Mounting Design

High Speed 24 bits Multiplexed Delta-Sigma A/D Converters

Programmable Capacity and Division

Supporting Kg/lb Conversion and PCS Counting

Power On Zero Tracking

Manual Zero

Dual Weighing Range

Full Subtractive Tare Range, Auto Tare, Preset Tare

Data Accumulation

Filtering Function

Animal Weighing

Piece Counting

Check Weighing, HI-OK-LO Buzzer

Built in Rechargable Battery



Truck Scale

Platform Scale

Tank & Silo Weighing

Technical info