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HLT Overload Controller

HLT Overload Controller unit is an economic and industrial weighing control indicator used to measure rope tension in cranes, intelligent control indicators.
Specifically for protection of wire rope hoist cranes and elevator developing.
Can provide sound, light, electricity alarm in equipment load operating.
The products are widely used in cranes, elevators, construction lifts and other related equipments.
Our company focuses on developing, producing, selling of lifting weight limiter, force do industry standards, string forward to become a model for the industry!

Overload warning:

≥95% of rated weight (can be set)
Relay status: coil black out, normally-closed contact is closed;
buzzer status: intermittent sound (1 sec, interval 2 secs).

Overload alarm:

≥100% of the rated weight,continuous outage for 1 sec (can be set).
Relay status: coil energized, normally-closed contact open
buzzer status: ring rapidly 2 seconds

Promptly alarm:

≥105% of the rated weight,immediately outage.
Relay status: coil energized, normally-closed contact open

Disarm alarm:

When lifting objects under rated weight, disarm alarm.

High accuracy 24bit Sigma Delta ADC

Overload Controller

Overload Controller

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