General Details

HG External Large Display

HG can show the weighing results from long distance, outdoor installation and it can be used as a secondary monitor of weighing equipment. It is widely used and can be connected to different weighing indicator.

The product can be classified to “3”, “5”, “8” (Explosion-proof is optional )


 Standard function:

– Dynamic scan flip-latching technology
– Communicates wirelesly with weighing indicator (Option)
– High-lighted digital segment and broad eyesight with special optical filter film
– Gross or net weight display from indictor or other output system

Les informations techniques
HG-1 6 Bit LED 25mm Steel
HG-3 6 Bit LED 76mm Steel
HG-5 6 Bit LED 125mm Steel
HG-8 6 Bit LED 200mm Steel
P10 Dotmatrix 16×64 Plastic

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