General Details

D52 Belt Weigher Indicator

D52 weighing controller developed for belt weighing applications.
Has suitable for industrial environment, high anti-noise EMC design.
72MHz and more high arithmetic speed 32 bit ARM CPU.
160 × 32 dot matrix LCD display with Yellow – Green background.
High resolution Δ-Σ A / D convert technology, can connect to 8 pcs load cells (350Ω).
Digital configuration and calibration functions, auto zero tracking, speed calibration and belt length calibration functions User can query and print to weighing records with Shift / day / month / year options.


-Belt weigher

Technical info
Accuracy Class 0.5
Standard OIML R50:1997OIML R50:1997
Continuous totalizing automatic weighing instrument
Display 160×32 dot matrix LCD display, Yellow / Green backlight
Keypad 16 Buttons, Shortcut access
ADC Δ-Σ Delta-Sigma 24 bits
A/D Convert Speed 200Hz
Resolution Integral 1/1,000,000.
Load Cell Exc. Voltage DC10V/250mA
Speed Transducer Output Voltage / Max. Current: DC12V / 100mA. Speed Input Interval: 0.5~3000Hz.
Seri Ports COM1: Optional RS232/RS485/RS422/Profibus-DP, Ethernet. COM2: Rs232.
IPC/PLC, LED External Display, Printer and Wireless module
Analog Output Optional AO [4~20mA] module for Flow signal output
Report Printer Weighing memory can reported and printed Daily, Monthly, Yearly
Housing Suitable to wall mounting 235.5×227.5×119.5mm [W×H×D]. (Ip65)
Weight 1.8 kg.
Power Supply AC220V±15%, 50/60Hz. 10W.