4 load cell single chassis platform

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General Details

CP Platform Type Ground Scale

The CP Platform Type Floor Scales are industrial and commercially available scales equipped with double chassis solid steel platform and 4 IP68 protected OIML R60 certified C4 class load cells designed to work in heavy industrial conditions.
It is a European type approval certified, commercially approved CE certificate.






-Quality Control

-Commercial weighing applications

Technical info


2 Stage Weighing
4 load cell single chassis platform
Electrostatic oven painted (Stainless AISI304)
Overload resistant
LCD and LED indicator options
Suitable for industrial weighing applications
High precision 24 bit Delta-Sigma Analog / Digital converter
Automatic power saving and automatic shutdown
Zero tracking on opening, manual reset
Working with Built-in rechargeable battery and 220V AC
Kg/Lb/Lt unit change and part counting
Manual input tare, Auto Tare and Tare
Weighing control HI-OK-LO Buzzer
RS 232 communication, receipt and tag output, PC connection
Widespread service network, 2 years warranty
Production opportunity in desired dimensions and capacities
Capacity & Size
CP+4LC 300/600 kg x 0.1/0.2 Kg 100X100,120×120
CP+4LC 600/1000 kg x 0.2/0.5 Kg 100X100,120×120,120X150
CP+4LC 600/1500 kg x 0.2/0.5 Kg 120×120,120X150,150X150
CP+4LC 1500/3000 kg x 0.5/1 Kg 120×120,120X150,150X150
CP+4LC 3000/6000 kg x 1/2 Kg 120X150,150X150,150X200,200X200
CP+4LC 6000/10000 kg x 2/5 Kg 150X150,150X200,200X200,200X300